About Us

Future Pipe Industries (FPI), the global leader in anti corrosive large diameter fiberglass pipe design and manufacturing, provides the world's largest product portfolio of fiberglass pipe systems, efficiently delivering water and energy to the world. With over 30 years in the industry, FPI has installed more than 160,000 kilometres of pipe worldwide and built up a robust reputation for designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke pipe solutions for the world's biggest companies in the fields of infrastructure, oil and gas, industrial, and water. FPI's worldwide offices and testing facilities lead the way in product advancement, guaranteeing the highest standards in the fiberglass pipe industry today.

Founded in 1984 in Dubai UAE, Future Pipe Industries (FPI) has rapidly grown to become a global leader in anti corrosive fiberglass pipe system design and manufacturing. With the largest product portfolio of large diameter, high pressure, high-temperature, fiberglass pipe systems.

As the global leader in anti corrosive large diameter fiberglass pipe system design and manufacturing, Future Pipe Industries (FPI) is the only company in the world to offer integrated engineering services.Through its global delivery model, FPI works closely with each client to provide bespoke, technically viable and cost-effective systems.

Future Pipe Industries (FPI) is led by a team of world-class management professionals, dedicated to offer innovative products and solutions to creating a better experience for all customers.

Our Corporate Purpose is to deliver water and energy to the world in the most efficient and sustainable way. We will do this by delivering our Vision - To elevate composites to a material of choice and position FPI as No 1 in the markets in which we compete.

Future Pipe Industries is strongly committed to conducting business in a socially responsible manner. Honesty, equality and integrity are vitally important,as is the understanding
that FPI is answerable to those affected by its decisions and activities.
That is why corporate social responsibility (CSR) is seen as an intrinsic part of its business strategy.

FPI’s Board of Directors jointly oversee the activities of the organization, and offer guidance in operations across the globe.

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