Future Pipe Industries(FPI) is leading the way in fiberglass pipe supply for industrial projects around the world.

The economic growth of oil rich economies has increased the demand for major industrial developments which complements the boom in the oil and gas sector, fuelling the need for water networks in industrial cities, petrochemical plants and the mining industry.

FPI's fiberglass pipes are used in numerous industrial manufacturing applications including dredging, mining (slurries), sugar refineries, resin plants, cooling water systems, and process automation piping. Typical end-users are major industrial developers, petrochemical corporations and mine owners.

Many FPI products such as Fiberstrong™, Wavistrong™, Fibermar™ and Wavistrong FR™ are extensively used in the industrial sector, for a wide range of applications:

Industrial Plant Piping

All pipe systems for sugar refineries, resin plants and aluminium production plants. Typical applications include cooling water, fire water, process piping, and waste water networks.

Cooling Water Networks

All pipe systems for the cooling water network and general utilities for industrial cities and complexes.


Water supply lines required for the mining industry including gold and phosphate mines.

Petrochemical Plants

All pipe systems that are used within a petrochemical plant including circulating water, process piping, chemical lines, cooling systems and fire water.

Featured Projects

Ras Laffan, Qatar

Future Pipe Industries' most recent water industry mega project is Ras Laffan Industrial City for Qatar Petroleum - the world's largest fiberglass pipe system installation. While the original product specification was for steel, FPI was successful in modifying the pipe specifications to fiberglass once its superior benefits became clear to the end-user. This project leads the way for other industrial mega-projects specifying fiberglass as the pipe material of choice.