PT. Future Pipe Industries - Indonesia signs a strategic MOU with Pertamina Drilling

Posted on: May 20, 2015

PT. Future Pipe Industries - Indonesia has been selected as one of the key local supplier by Pertamina Drilling Services and an MOU was signed today with the President Director and CEO of Pertamina - Mr. Lelin Eprianto.

PT. Future Pipe Industries will support all Pertamina field products by supplying Fiberglass Pipes and Fittings produced in Balaraja - Indonesia.

PT. Pertamina Drilling Services - Indonesia is a subsidiary of PT. Pertamina, engaged in the business of providing oil and gas drilling services and drilling support services (Top Drive, Directional Drilling, H2S safety monitoring, Fishing and Coring).

Mr. Imad Makhzoumi - President - Director of PT Future Pipe, Mr. Ubaid Chapra, Mr. Harvey Tjokro and Mr. Syamsirwan Granie attended the signing ceremony which took place at Pertamina Headquarter in Jakarta - Indonesia.

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