Celebrating Over 27,000M of 18M Pipe Production

At the end of last year, Future Pipe Industries was successful in producing 18m DN 4000 pipe at our Dubai facility in order to deliver for a large project. 18M pipes at such a size were a first for Dubai and for the industry.

Future Pipe Industries has played a key role in the project. At the proposal stage, the idea of producing 18-meter pipe was evaluated, including the overall requirements for modifying the production line. The end user has benefited significantly due to our innovation – we reduce the number of joints which has meant major savings in installation time, especially given that this project is offshore/underwater.

We have delivered over 27,000 meters of pipe in just a year. To do this we have been required to achieve high production efficiencies where the average speed was over 1.6 times the system across the project. In addition, scrap and rejection was just 0.1% with zero additional quantities.

On the 30th November the last 18m pipe for this specific project came off the production line so we pulled the whole team together to celebrate and to recognise the collaboration involved which has made this innovation happen.