The Pipe Industry

The demand for high-quality fiberglass pipe is booming. Driven by the ever-increasing need for energy and water resources, the global pipe market is growing rapidly and at the forefront of this growth is the evolution to fiberglass, led by Future Pipe Industries (FPI).

For every new born child, 2 meters of pipes are needed

Pipes are our planet's arteries and veins, carrying water, sewage, power, oil and gas. Early pipe systems were developed from clay and wood, but since the industrial revolution, materials such as steel, ductile iron, plastic and concrete have been used. More recently, since the 1950s, advances in technology have led to fiberglass pipes gaining increased acceptance and are now used by a wide range of sectors.

Today’s pipe market is estimated to grow at 6.5% annually through to 2019, With the demand for fiberglass outpacing traditional pipe material, 2015 forecasts put the total global pipe requirement at an incredible 20.6 billion meters.

With a resolute belief in fiberglass as the ultimate pipe material of the future, FPI has been a driving force in the penetration of fiberglass around the world, strongly contributing to its incredible rate of growth, which is 50% higher than alternative materials.