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Developed in the late 1940's, fiberglass pipe is a composite product, made of glass fiber reinforcements, which are embedded in, or surrounded by, thermosetting resin and subsequently cured.

Known for being strong, resilient and flexible, fiberglass is the ideal material for pipe production and is used extensively throughout the Infrastructure, oil and gas and industrial sectors.

Products including glass reinforced polyester (GRP) pipes, glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) pipes and glass reinforced vinylester (GRV) pipes have an extraordinary ability to service a wide array of applications within all end-markets.

FPI is leading the global fiberglass revolution, proving that fiberglass is indisputably the material of choice for future development around the world.

The demand for high-quality fiberglass pipe is booming. Driven by the ever-increasing need for energy and water resources, the global pipe market is growing rapidly.

Over the past five decades, fiberglass technology has evolved significantly to produce an advanced material, which offers a superior alternative to traditional pipe products.

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