Our Services

Future Pipe Industries (FPI) is recognised as the leader in performance based design and manufacturing of large-diameter fiberglass products in the world. With a vision towards providing its ground breaking bespoke piping solutions, FPI has spent years developing and acquiring an extensive range of engineering disciplines, product technologies, and skills, providing end-to-end services including:

  • Product engineering services
  • System engineering services.
  • Project management and technical support services
  • On-site supervision and training services

As experts in the field, FPI has become the leading global provider of engineering solutions, working closely with clients to design, manufacture, test, install and manage bespoke fiberglass pipe systems and solutions that are tailored specifically to individual customers and applications.

FPI keeps pace with the fast-changing industry through world-class research and development as well as continuously evolving and expanding its fiberglass and system engineering services.

Future Pipe Industries (FPI) is dedicated to product and system engineering. It is one of the key reasons why FPI continues to be a global industry leader with over thirty years in the field, offering a variety of essential services and solutions to the Water, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Sectors.

Future Pipe Industries (FPI) offers a full range of professional field assistance services carefully designed to ensure that the installation is executed strictly in accordance with FPI’s recommendations and method statements; your project is completed on time, on budget, and meets all necessary regulations and quality standards

Future Pipe Industries (FPI) has been managing large-scale mega-projects around the world for the last three decades. Throughout that time, FPI has gained valuable field experience and acquired industry knowledge, which is second to none.

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