The Fiberfloat™ system was developed by Future Pipe Industries (FPI) to meet the high technical demands required of floats used in the dredging industry. With a large diameter and high impact resistance, Fiberfloat™ provides buoyancy for floating pipelines, is strong, reliable and has a long operational lifespan.

The Fiberfloat™ is built-up of three unique layers:

  • Inner pipe of filament wound Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE)
  • Body of Polyurethane Foam with a minimum 95% closed cell structure
  • Outer jacket of reinforced thermoset resin.

This triple layer technique creates a pipe which is strong, anti-corrosive, and immune to salt water and has a very high buoyancy rate of 950 kg/m³. The spherical shaping of the ends gives extra strength impact at the shoulders of the floats.

There are two types of Fiberfloat™ available:


Finished with an outer jacket of GRE.

Fiberfloat™ - Flex

Finished with an outer jacket of Polyurethane, reinforced with a special Nylon inlay for increased impact strength and resistance to wear & tear.

Fiberfloat™ can be produced with an inside diameter of 400 to 1,200 mm and an outside diameter of up to 2,600mm. The standard lengths are 5 and 10 metres, however special lengths can be tailor-made and delivered on request. For good visibility at sea, Fiberfloats™ are bright yellow with bright blue markings.

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