Wavistrong™ FiberTubes

Designed by Future Pipe Industries (FPI) in the early 1980's, Wavistrong™ Fibertubes are primarily used for soil coring in mineral and Oil & Gas explorations where depths of several hundred to several thousand feet are essential.

Wavistrong™ Fibertubes consist of a filament wound Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe with two special threaded, KTL-coated steel couplings (box and pin). The inner wall is extremely smooth which provides low friction and ensures a low jamming rate, making it possible to achieve high core recovery rates up to, and in excess of, 270 feet.

Wavistrong™ Fibertubes are suitable for all coring applications from soft or fractured to hard and abrasive formations. The commonly used diameters are  2 5/8 ",4 "and 5¼" at standard lengths of 30feet,however special lengths can be made on request and other diameters can be evaluated based on demand.

Wavistrong™ FiberTubes Catalogues

Fibertubes for Coring
PDF | 504MB
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