Wavistrong™ FR

Developed by Future Pipe Industries(FPI),Wavistrong™FR is a special Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy(GRE) pipe system that can withstand fire temperatures of up to 1200Degrees Celsius.Suitable for high fire resistance demands,the Wavistrong™FR helps to ensure the safety of offshore platforms and oil refineries.

Building upon FPI's proven technology, Wavistrong™ FR is a low flame spread, low smoke and toxicity pipe system with an additional fire barrier integrated in the outer surface of the GRE component. The proven solution for above ground fire mains, it can withstand jet fires for a dry duration of 5 minutes, followed by 60 minutes with flowing water inside the pipe, for a total jet fire duration of 65 minutes.

Wavistrong™ FR is available up to 1,600 mm in diameter and pressures up to 50 Barg in both the standard and electrically conductive series. It is also qualified for jet fire resistance according to OTI 95634 of HSE and flame spread according to IMO Resolution A. 653 (16).

  • Fire Water Lines / Fire Fighting Networks
  • Marine & Offshore Platform PipingRefinery Piping

Wavistrong™ FR Case Studies

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