Future Pipe Industries (FPI) produces a wide range of high-quality, multi-purpose storage tanks using proven Fiberstrong™ technology.

Flexible & corrosion - resistant , FPI 's tanks are manufactured from a thermo setting resin and fiberglass rein forcement and can be used for the storage of petroleum products , water and a wide range of chemicals.

When storage is required for highly corrosive material, FPI's dedicated design team can provide bespoke solutions utilising specific vinylester resins in the inner liner of the tank or throughout the tank wall.

Fiberstrong tanks are ideal for underground (back filled), and aboveground (horizontal or vertical) applications and come in a standard range up to 4,000 mm in diameter, offering a storage capacity of up to 150,000 litres (33,000 IG). Larger capacities are available upon request.

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