Future Class Vocational Program

Are you a technical certificate holder?
Do you want to start a career with a global company?
We’re looking for you!

Our Future Class Vocational program is tailored to offer you on the job training in technical areas such as electrician, mechanics, operators, welders etc. If you are currently working or studying towards a diploma or certification and would like to gain some experience in the field, our Vocational program could be perfect for you.

The Future Class Vocational program will prepare you for a specific career. If you have job specific experience in the following areas, you could be eligible to apply,


A half yearly program covering extensive technical training in the desired specialised field . The program runs from January – June. We open applications in September for January start.

Click here to apply.

Future Class Internships

Our Future Class Internship program is tailored to offer a structured work experience opportunity for you. If you are a student part way along your study program and would like to gain some experience in the field in which you are studying, our Internship program could be just what you are looking for.

Our Internship program allows you to gain an insight into our business and develop critical skills required for success in a business environment. Supporting you through the program will be your assigned “Buddy” or “Mentor”, a person from our business who will help to guide you through the program, while simultaneously learning technical skills that will give you a taste of the real world of professional work.

Through the program, you’ll have the opportunity to work with clients and across a number of projects, as well as develop your team work and communication skills.

An internship does not guarantee a job however many of our interns have gone on to have successful careers with us after they have graduated.

We offer two types of internships:

  • Professional Internship (program duration 2- 6 months and open for students in their third and fourth year of university)

  • Summer Internship (program duration 4- 8 weeks and open for students in their first and second year of university).

We are looking for strong team players who are at university with an interest in pursuing a career in the manufacturing industry. You’ll need to be willing to learn, take on projects independently and as a team, flexible and above all motivated to get ahead in your career.

Internship programs and applications open at different times of the year,

  • Summer Internships running from May to September – applications open in March

  • Professional Internships starting in January and July – applications open in September (January start) and in April (July start)

If this sounds like you, please apply here.

Mr Paul Adams

Peter Attfield

Paul Adams is Executive Vice President of Global Supply Chain & Operations at Future Pipe Industries. Paul joined FPI in May 2017 and brings over 25 years’ experience in leading manufacturing and supply chain operations in Europe, the USA and Asia. He has a proven track record in delivering on safety, quality and cost.

Prior to FPI, Paul spent the majority of his career with AkzoNobel, including a period as Technical Director for one of their key business units as it underwent a significant transformation process.

Paul has spent the last five years in Singapore looking after Manufacturing and Supply Chain operations throughout Asia, first with AkzoNobel and later with Houghton International, a market leader in the supply of metal working fluids and services.

Future Class Graduate Program

Are you a recent graduate?
Do you want to start a career with a global company?
We’re looking for you!

Our Future Class Program (formally known as the FPI Engineer’s Personal Development Plan Program) recruits, trains, places and retains high potential college graduates from various global universities. Past recruits have come from over a wide range of universities, giving us a wide and dynamic talent pool.

If you are a graduate in one of the following areas, the program could be perfect for you:

  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Business Administration
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing

Upon graduating from the program, you are placed into a permanent role in one the following functions:

  • Global Commercial
  • Global Supply Chain & Operations
  • Global Technology
  • Project Management
  • Global Finance & IT
  • Global People & Culture
  • Global Legal
  • Global Corporate Communications

Using a formal On the Job Training (OJT) system you will learn the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities to become a productive member of the Future Pipe Industries team. The business, HSE, personal and technical skills included in the training portfolio make up the core of a personal development program which will be used to support and guide your development.

The program is also the basis for our succession planning initiatives, allowing you to grow within the organisation as well as ensuring we maintain a world-class group of employees able to meet our current and future business goals.

Its a year long program with 3 job rotations covering extensive technical, manufacturing, global support function and essential soft skills training. The program runs from September to August. We open applications in March for a September start.

At FPI we provide a career, not just a job. Click here to apply

Mr Jean Andre Barbosa

Peter Attfield

Jean-Andre has held a number of senior positions throughout his career and has proven executive management experience in both public and private sectors.

Jean-André started his career dedicated to public service. He was awarded a position of Trade Defense Policy Officer in the European Economic Community and following that served in the trade and energy areas of the European Commission for seven years, where he participated in high level trade negotiations between countries.

After this period, Jean-André sought to broaden his experience and moved into the private sector where he joined Saint - Gobain Construction Products - Ukraine as Managing Director and thereafter took over Verallia Ukraine (Saint - Gobain Packaging) and Verallia Russia as Regional Managing Director for CIS. In total, he spent five years with Saint-Gobain.

Before joining FPI, Jean-André worked with Areva, a major global player in Nuclear and Renewable Energies, as VP and Areva Director for Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. He was with Areva for nearly three years.

Jean-André holds a Diploma of Ingénieur du Corps des Mines (French High Civil Service) and a Highest Honours Diploma of Ingénieur Civil de l'Ecole des Mines de Paris with a Major in Materials Engineering. Complementing his qualifications, Jean-Andre speaks five languages - English, French, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

Jean-André was the Foreign Trade Advisor to the French Ambassador in Ukraine and in Poland, appointed by the French Prime Minister and the former Chairman of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency and Member of the Advisory Board.

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