Blue Box®

Developed by Future Pipe Industries (FPI), Blue Box® casing and tubing systems are the natural evolution of Red Box® and designed for specialised use in chemical disposal wells which deal with aggressive waste streams generated as a by-product of chemical manufacturing facilities.

Blue Box® casing and tubing utilize a wind pattern which greatly amplifies the tensile capacity of the pipe allowing it to easily contend with down hole service. The nexus veil inner liner provides enhanced chemical resistance and a higher operating temperature range. All of which enables Blue Box to be used in wells as deep as 3,100 meters in temperatures as high as 120°C while injecting a hydrochloric acid solution.

  • Brine Disposal
  • Well Casing
  • Chemical Effluents and Waste Disposal
  • CO2 Injection
  • Chemical Pipe Systems
  • Brine Disposal Pipe Systems
  • CO2 Injection Pipe Systems

Blue Box® Case Studies

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