Yellow Box®

Yellow Box® line pipe and fittings were designed by Future Pipe Industries (FPI) for medium to high pressure oilfield and industrial services where operating conditions include exposure to corrosive or otherwise chemically aggressive fluids or gases.

Produced by winding high-strength continuous glass fibers and corrosion resistant epoxy resin on to a steel mandrel, the material is formulated to result in a product which is structurally and chemically optimized.

The resin system used is an epoxy thermoset resin, heat cured with an aromatic amine based hardener. FPI believes that this formulation results in the strongest, most thermal resistant and anticorrosive of all commercially available resin systems used in the fabrication of fiberglass piping.

Yellow Box® line pipe ranges from 2" to 24" in diameter and can withstand operating pressures from 32 to 210 Barg (3,000 PSI).

Yellow Box® is used primarily for line pipes:

  • Salt Water Injection Lines
  • Water Flood Lines
  • Medium to High Pressure Transmission Lines
  • CO2 Injection Pipe Systems
  • CO2 Recovery Lines
  • Oil & Gas Flowlines
  • Trunk Lines
  • Chemical Pipe Systems

Yellow Box® Catalogues

Yellow Box® Kataloge

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