Future Pipe Industries (FPI) is the only company in the world that provides global bespoke pipe solutions across the three major product segments: infrastructure, oil and gas and industrial.

Striding ahead with the growing global demand for piping systems, keeping pace with the rapid increase in international public and private sector development, FPI's fiberglass pipe systems are fast becoming the solution of choice worldwide.

  • Water Transmission & Distribution
  • Municipal & Infrastructure
  • Desalination & Water
  • District Cooling & Heating
  • Water Treatment
  • Line Pipes for Oil & Gas Production
  • Downhole Tubing and Well Casings
  • O&G Transmission Lines
  • Refinery Piping
  • Fuel Handling and Storage Tanks
  • Marine Piping on Vessels
  • Offshore Platform Piping
  • Floats and Dredging
  • Industrial Plant Piping
  • Cooling Water Networks
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical Plants
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