Composites Advantage

Composite technology has evolved significantly to produce an advanced material, which offers a superior alternative to traditional pipe products.

Composites, including Fiberglass continue to become the natural choice for both brand new and replacement installations, repeatedly proving its benefits for applications such as large diameter, high-pressure and anti-corrosive pipe networks which extend over several thousand kilometres.

End-users around the world are selecting composites because of their leading advantages:

Light and Strong
Offers a high strength-to-weight ratio meaning lower transportation and installation costs compared to materials such as steel or concrete.

Cost Effective and Efficient
Provides a better hydraulic performance than steel, ductile iron and concrete, significantly reducing operating costs. Composite pipes are cost effective.

Longer Life Cycle and Durable
Increased durability extends the system life cycle significantly beyond what is offered by other alternative materials. Composites can last over 50 years making our pipes economical.

Versatile and Accommodating
Accommodates a variety of assembly options and complex configurations due to its versatility, capacity to withstand high pressures, temperatures and loads as well as intense chemical resistance parameters.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable
Low energy is required for the production of composite pipes. Composite pipes have a smooth interior surface, needing less energy for the fluids to circulate.

Anti-Corrosive and Resistant
Composites offer excellent resistance against corrosive environments including soils, salt water, H2S and chemical applications. Composite pipes last longer.