Innovation Focus – Fiberstrong 3° Angularly Deflected Double Bell Coupling Joint

Future Pipe Industries has introduced to its Fiberstrong product range a 3° Angularly Deflected Double Bell Coupling Joint. The joint eliminates the need for small angle elbows and increases the potential for large angle elbows. This deflection joint removes the associated civil work and accessories from a pipeline resulting a reduction in total project cost and potential indirect rework in coupling joint piping system installations. Our product brochure available here provides all information on the new joint. By using the 3° Angular Deflection Joint, clients can benefit from various advantages including: - Allowing the initial installation between two standard pipe sections to be done at a maximum angular deflection of 3°. - Allowing either a horizontal or vertical shift in the center line of the pipe thus eliminating the need for fittings such as elbows and its accessories. - Maintaining the flexibility for an additional long-term settlement. - Allowing for a maximum angular deflection of 3° is valid for gravity and pressure piping system up to design pressure of 16 Bar. - Flexibility in design to modify the pipe ends at site. - Reducing total project installation time. The above is combined with the historical advantages of the Future Pipe Industries Reka Joint such as: - Providing flexibility to the piping system from both sides of the joint. - Not transferring axial loads across the joint. - Working like an expansion joint, allowing angular deflection, draw and offset. - Ease of assembly and use for installation adjustment. - Tolerating relatively high axial withdraw levels.