Future Pipe Industries are leaders in complete fiberglass solutions.

    • We design and manufacture fiberglass piping systems for use across the Oil & Gas, Water, Industrial and Marine Industries.
    • Enhancing our product range, we offer a number of customized solutions including system design and engineering services, project management, technical support,field supervision and training.

Our Work in Action

Seeing is believing! Our solutions are tailor-made. We work with our clients on simple replacements through to mega-projects. Take a look at some of our work in action – from concept to installation and every step in-between.


Why Fiberglass

End-users are selecting fiberglass because it offers so much. Lightweight, resilient, versatile, efficient and long lasting, fiberglass is the material of choice for new and replacement installations. Coupled with environmental benefits including lower transportation costs, better performance, reduced operating costs and a long life cycle, fiberglass brings many advantages.

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Why Future Pipe Industries

At Future Pipe Industries, we are working to deliver water and energy to the world in the most efficient and sustainable way. We are doing this through our comprehensive product portfolio which is complimented with our end to end solutions. Our scope is global with manufacturing plants and sales offices covering projects in over 50 countries. Making it all happen is our team of over three thousand employees whose dedication and drive continue to develop solutions which connect our world.

  • +400 Clients

  • 14 Factories

  • 53 Production Lines

  • 681,000m2 Built-up Area

  • 20 Sales Offices

  • 3,300 Employees

  • 7,500km/Year Output Capacity

  • 50 Countries

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We know our employees are our greatest asset. As we grow as a company we are regularly looking for new talent to join our team. Could our next team member be you?