Innovation Focus – Fiberstrong Testable Double Bell Coupling Joint

Future Pipe Industries has developed the Testable Double Bell Coupler Joint. The Testable Double Bell Coupler is a Fiberstrong jointing system with additional REKA sealing rings and pressure taps. The key feature is that it enables a more effective and efficient way to perform hydrostatic pressure testing of installed non-restrained GRP piping joints.

The joint allows testing for leaks in a quick and easy way at the jointing area without needing to fill the pipe. Because it is only the joint which is tested, projects benefit from faster installation and checking time as well as less water required for the testing.

Our product brochure provides all information on the new joint, with features including:

- Hydrostatic pressure testing of the full range of diameters at a much higher test pressure (maximum 12 bars).

- Testing can be done easily by pressurizing the small annular space in the joint using a hand operated pump and connections provided on the coupler.

- Testing can be done from outside of the installed piping joint.

- Outperforms the presently available internal joint tester that has limitations on pipe size and test pressure.

- Economical as the leak tightness of every installed joint can be ensured with minimal effort and time without the need for expensive test equipment.

- The second sealing REKA ring in the joint acts as an additional barrier, providing extra assurance on the joint integrity throughout the service life of the pipeline.