Future Pipe Industries (FPI) provides a growing range of high-quality fiberglass pipe products for use in the swiftly growing water and wastewater industries.

Spurred on by a combination of population growth, urbanization and an increase in infrastructure spending, FPI’s fiberglass pipe systems are becoming the natural choice for an ever increasing number of end-users, including private and public water utility authorities, municipalities, infrastructure developers, water and power generation companies and district cooling and heating plants.

This growth reflects renewed activity in the residential construction sector, the growing obsolescence of sewer and drainage systems, upgrades of municipal water systems and the increasing worldwide awareness of fiberglass pipes as the safest, most reliable and long lasting systems available.

The FPI product range for the water sector includes Fiberstrong™, Wavistrong™ and Wavistrong H2O™ which are used extensively by the water industry for the following applications:

Water Transmission & Distribution

A high strength-to-weight ratio offers lower transportation and installation costs compared to materials such as steel or concrete. Fiberglass is light and strong.

Municipal & Infrastructure

All pipe systems used for a variety of municipal and infrastructure applications such as irrigation, storm water, surface drainage and sewer networks.

Desalination and Power

All pipe systems that are within power or desalination plants such as salt water systems (intake and discharge/outfall),cooling water systems,chlorination lines,flu gas desulphurization(FGD), fire fighting networks and process and utility piping.

District Cooling and Heating

Pre-insulated pipe systems used for district cooling and heating networks.


Water Treatment

Pipe systems used for treatment plant piping and pumping stations.